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Access to Undiscovered JAPAN

WADO PROJECT delivers Japanese traditional culture, which has been inherited for long and transmits and produces innovative works and services by collaborating with those who are strongly influenced by Japanese aesthetics and creativity.

”WA” is the meaning of “Japanese” and also “Circle, Friendship”, “DO” means “Street” and “Way” in Japanese. So we are putting the soul of “the Way of Japanese tradition” into the word of WADO.

Not only by big cities, but even any provinces can now transmit the inheritance of identity for Japanese Traditional Art and Craft into all over the world. We are expecting to establish an interactive platform between such provinces and all persons in the world to access to undiscovered Japan.

WADO PROJECT is producing the serendipity by leading such the bubble over with enthusiasm of Japanese spirits to the world.


Graduates from Aberdeen University, UK with MA in Art History and Glasgow University with Mphil in Art History and Authentication. After returning to Japan, worked for an art gallery in Tokyo. In 2004 established her own art consulting business for various art projects, promoting art in public space, commercial advertising work, company branding by working with artists and designers. Now focusing on more building art collections for international clients based in Europe and Asia and curating various art exhibitions.


After working for Prince Hotels, Inc., moving to Australia and became interested in art and culture, and space production. After returning to Japan, opened the Art Salon in Roppongi, called “Cool Train” which became a hot spot for avant-garde free music lovers. Now directing various space production based on art and music and engaging in artist management.

Minako TAIRA
Director, Emmy Co., Ltd.

Pictures by Ringo Tang


Artist Management

Discover a whole new world by our management

Management & Agent Services for Artists to empower and support for Sales, Promotion and Arrangement.

Let’s broaden your stage into the world with us.

Art Produce

Produce Art Events

By utilizing our worldwide network, we do support Artists/Enterprises and produce Art Events like Exhibition, Art Fair Participation, Collectors Meet-up.

Hong Kong, China, France, Indonesia and USA.

For Collectors

Introduce fabulous Art Works for you

Satisfy your inquiry mind and support to create a new collection of Japanese Art Works based on your taste and purpose.

Find our and Meet great Japanese Artists

Why Choose Us?

Mature Experience

Over two decades of Art business with sophisticated Art sense and experience, we are confidence to introduce great Japanese Art Works to brilliant Collectors.

Worldwide Network

Art Works anywhere you want. Find out great opportunity with our worldwide network such as in Hong Kong, China, UK, France, Indonesia, USA and expanding globally more.

Polite & Kindness

Facing Artists and Collectors sincerely and politely, we are able to get close to and keep long term relationships with their happy Art Life. We do work with you.

What People Say ?

With WADO PROJECT, I would like to share “Dignity of Life” in the foundation of Japanese tradition with all people in the world, and create a new “WADO” for the next generation.

Johana Makie 16th successor of Jigoemon : Yoshitomo OHARA

What People Say ?

I feel the strong sympathy with the vision and passion of WADO PROJECT. Hope to have many people in the world feel Japanese beauty and soul though my Art Works.

Caligrapher : Satoshi KATAYAMA

What People Say ?

What a great support by WADO PROJECT!! I would like to keep involving their passion and activities together. Great appreciation so that I could have a great exhibition in Hong Kong.

Takashi Art WATANABE


Buddhist Bell sound and meditation in Hong Kong
NEWS | 09 JANUARY 2019

Day 1 : January 27th at Hong Kong University, Loke Yew Hall

Day 2 : January 28th at Hong Kong University, Graduate House

Day 3 : January 29th at Dharma Drum Mountain in Hong Kong Centre

Chanoyu : The Arts of Tea Ceremony in Hong Kong

Day 1 : November 16th at Hong Kong Art School

Day 2 : November 17th at University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong

Couple Exhibition in Hong Kong
NEWS | 10  OCTOBER 2018

Date : December 10th to 23rd, 2018

Venue : Anna Ning Fine Art

Jakarta Art Event
NEWS | 15 APRIL 2018

Date : May 25th to 27th

Venue : Mulia Hotel in Jakarta

Hong Kong Art Basel
NEWS | 10 MARCH 2018

Date : March 28th to 31st, 2018

Venue : Hong Kong Exhibition Center


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